Optomel is using self-organised materials to create new photonic elements and devices – with greater functionality and cost-effectiveness than traditional components.


New optical filter products

Optical filters are a key enabling technology in almost all photonics systems. Our initial products address applications ranging from multi-spectral imaging, biophotonics, laser protection and reflection dispay screens (augmented and virtual reality).

Our technology enables OEM customers to increase both product functionality and cost-effectiveness – addressing new applications and consolidating existing ones.

Unlike conventional interference filters, our proprietary technology brings the following benefits:

  • Thin (< 1mm)
  • Large areas
  • Flexible substrates
  • Rugged
  • Non-vacuum processed

Optomel’s approach uses self-organized materials – which can be scalably processed from millimetres to metres in scale.


Technology Example – 532nm reflective notch filter


Custom optical features:

  • Reflective, non-absorptive
  • Custom range in UV-VIS-IR
  • Custom widths (FWHM)
  • Custom blocking levels
  • Transmission Level > 80%
  • Extinction Level > OD2


Optomel will work with you to produce a custom solution to suit your specific need. Please get in touch at info@optomel.com to find out more.