Digital Optically Variable Ink


Optomel is commercialising LuxJetTM, our new digitally printable optically variable ink, for applications in authentication and security printing.

LuxJetTM brings the advantages of simple overt authentication, using a striking reflected colour that changes with viewing angle, with the personalization and unique information capacity of digital printing.

These features enable an exciting new range authentication and aesthetic document design options. An example is a more physically secure QR code (or any 2D datamatrix or serial number) containing unique information, that can’t be photocopied and exhibits a striking colourshift.

Traditional analogue printing processes and inks are not compatible with variable information content; digital printing, whilst capable of printing unique information on the item level, is restricted to simple colours (e.g. CMYK).

LuxJetTM overcomes both of these limitations, enabling a fundamental shift in authentication design.