Digital inkjet authentication & brand protection

Luxjet is our new printed authentication technology, creating highly secure features with multiple-level authentication, compatible both with labels or even directly on products.

LuxJet brings the advantages of simple overt authentication, using a reflected colour that changes with viewing angle, with the variable information and personalisation capability of digital printing. LuxJet is suitable for a wide range of authentication and brand protection applications

Digital colourshift QR code printed directly onto a micro-SD card (8mm x 8mm); right picture shows blue colourshift at a wider angle


  • Cost-effectively create secure authentication features to protect reputation and revenue
  • Overt, striking colourshift for simple consumer authentication
  • Variable information & personalisation (e.g. 2D datamatrix)
  • Direct to product and/or complex shapes
  • Covert, hidden polarising features for increased security
  • Integrate directly into manufacturing lines for late stage customisation

Colour-shift vs. angle

The reflected colour changes with viewing angle; black at perpendicular, moving to red and green at wider angles.


LuxJet is supported by original IP developed at Cambridge University as well as proprietary technology development. Optomel is  commercialising LuxJet for use in a range of authentication and brand protection applications.

We are seeking co-development and integration partners to help bring the benefits of the technology to customers worldwide. Please get in touch to find out more.