Simple, secure authentication & brand protection

Luxicon is Optomel’s new product for simple, yet highly secure authentication and brand protection. Using only a smartphone flash – no app or software is required – striking hidden images are revealed on products or packaging. Luxicon is designed specifically for use in retail and domestic lighting environments


  • Fight counterfeiting & diversion
  • Easy authentication with smartphone flash only
  • Protect revenues
  • Drive consumer engagement and differentiate your brand


  • Reveal striking images and branding
  • Simple authentication with smartphone flash
  • No app or software integration required
  • Simple integration with existing processing
Self-authenticating label example – the code is revealed by the smartphone flash and matches the corresponding code printed in regular ink


We are now scaling Luxicon for use in a range of authentication and brand protection applications. We are working closely with Customers and Partners to bring the benefits of our innovative, patented technology to consumers worldwide. Please get in touch to find out more.