In specialist LED lighting applications, including both commercial and consumer lighting, our precision filter technology offers a number of advantages to OEM customers and end-users. The new technology offers the following benefits:

  • Create new spectral combinations for functional and aesthetic impact
  • Simple integration into existing and standard luminaires
  • Efficiently filter light, selectively remove or modulate only precise portions of the spectrum
  • Rugged, plastic and flexible filter films
  • Simple integration into existing luminaires

Effect of a example filter on a standard white LED (4000k)

Controlled Environment Agriculture

An early application of the Optomel technology is for precision LED filters for artificial lighting in controlled environment agricultire. Aiming to improve crop yields, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our filters can be precisely customised to specific crops.

The new technology allows producers, and those working in lighting R&D, the scope to radically alter the lighting spectrum to improve growth outcomes. New spectral combinatations can be rapidly prototyped, including the possibility of dynamically changing the spectrum to suit specific growth phases.

Human Centric Lighting & Blue lighting filtering

Lighting plays a crucial role in health & well-being. Our technology allows lighting innovators and designers to create functional (e.g. blue-light reducing) and aesthetic environments with their products.