Optomel is commercialising breakthrough photonic technology for OEMs, integrators and end-users


Optomel is a new photonics company, commercialising products and devices enabled by breakthrough optical materials. Our approach, compared to traditional vacuum processing, allows sophisticated optical filters to be thinner, lighter and larger compared to existing interference filters – and more scalable to large volumes.

What does it mean in practice? It allows optics designers and innovators to create new applications and address growth markets in photonics – for the benefit of all.

Optomel is based on the Southampton University Science Park, Chilworth, UK.


New optical filter technology

Optical filters are a key enabling technology in almost all photonics applications. Our initial products address applications ranging from multi-spectral imaging, biophotonics, laser protection through to Augmented Reality (AR) screens.

Unlike conventional filters, created using physical vapor deposition (PVD) in a vacuum environment, Optomel is developing a new approach that allows:

  • Polymer & flexible substrates
  • Thin films (< 1 mm)
  • Cost-effective large areas
  • High-temperature stability
  • Solvent and abrasion resistance
  • Custom optical properties (UV-VIS-IR)


Please get in touch to discuss your specific application and requirement. We work with customers to create custom filter solutions to suit your needs.